14 Responses to Blue Jays New Look Draws Rave Reviews

  1. Ryan says:

    i have mixed feelings about this logo, the canadian teams need to quit with the whole leaf thing, it has horribly downgraded the logo in my opinion

  2. Big Pete says:

    I’m with Ryan on this. This is an unimaginative cop out in my opinion. I’ve been waiting almost 35 years for the Blue Jays to come up with a decent brand. Looks like I’m going to have to keep waiting.

  3. Al says:

    I actually like the return, of sorts, to the original look. I do agree that the overuse of the maple leaf for Canadian teams is borderline annoying and silly. Do we not know that Toronto is located in Canada? Perhaps American teams should include, what, a star?, Uncle Sam?, an eagle?, just to ensure that fans know in which country the team is located.

  4. Jimmy Kemp says:

    What? How do you not like the Blue Jays new logo? I think it is awesome, one of the best in sports. As a kid I loved the originally Blue Jays logo, and I like the maple leaf there, nothing wrong with showing country pride esp now that they are the only baseball team in Canada.

  5. Boyee says:

    While the new logo is an improvement. The maple leaf being in every Canadian team logo is dumb. You don’t see every American team having stars and stripes in all their logos.

  6. F19 says:

    The new Jays logo is fabulous. Easily one of the best in baseball. I can see how the maple leaf bothers some people, but I think in this case it’s appropriate. It was in the original Jays logo this one is based on, and they are the only MLB team in Canada.

  7. Dave says:

    For the record, not a Jays fan but thought their Uni re-do was A+. I think the shade of blue is outstanding and makes the whole thing pop – really love the alternate. I think the puff/raised jersey logo is interesting and while I like the look, I’m curious to see how that wears over time with head first slides, etc.

    Nice job Jays – best of the 2012 changes IMO.

  8. HockeyFan says:

    @ Boyee, how do you explain the Yankee’s with Uncle Sam’s hat with the stars and stripes all over it in their logo? A lot of American teams do the same thing so everyone who is harping on the Maple Leaf in the logo, then you would have to apply the same logic to all teams in all sports all over the world who do it.

  9. metssince64 says:

    I’m american but I think everything canuck is cool, John Candy, the Mckenzie bros and especially Avril Lavigne. So quit picking on the maple leaf, its a great looking uni, way better than the blue, black and odd shaped graphite Jay on crack they had previously. I’m going down to LIDS and get myself a new Blue Jays cap ASAP with the nice big maple leaf!

  10. josegis says:

    Looks very beautiful.

  11. Gray says:

    Every American team has a U.S. flag on their helmet or jersey or both. It may not be the team logo, but the flag is always there much like the flag pin that politicians always wear so that no one will question their patriotism. To paraphrase Al’s response above, do we not know these teams are American teams playing in an American league without the need for a U.S. flag on helmets and jerseys?

    Not to mention the football field-sized U.S. flags they roll out before football games.

    Canadian companies/teams may overuse their maple leaf too, but they are nowhere near as obnoxiously patriotic as Americans are.

  12. Vinny says:

    I love it! It’s a great remake of their original uni. And, really? You’re complaining about the maple leaf? Give me a break!

  13. Blake says:

    I do agree with some of the posters about the maple leaf. It’s too big and distracting, either scale it down or take it out all together. But the only teams I know of besides the Jays that have the maple leaf in their logo are the Toronto Maple Leafs (obviously) and the Winnipeg Jets.

  14. Bill says:

    To all you fools who criticize the Blue Jays for featuring the red maple leaf on the cap and jersey: get off your high horse for a change. Having a Team from Canada is good for Baseball. Overall, the logo and uniform designs are great. Happy to see the mostly black look with the ugly numbers and wordmark land in the trash can. Keep the maple leaf, Blue Jays, and the new unis look awesome. To the critics: go help the Marlins with a better design than that eyesore they came up with.

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