New York Islanders Unveil New Black Alternates

The New York Islanders unveiled what was leaked long ago, their new black third jerseys, tonight at a fan event on Long Island.

The new third jersey is the same as the image which was leaked, black with grey shoulders with ISLANDERS arched across the front of the jersey in orange with the player number beneath.  The Islanders primary logo will be worn as a patch on each shoulder.

New York Islanders players modelling their new black alternate jersey

This is the first time the New York Islanders have added black to their colour scheme having been predominantly blue and orange for the majority of their franchise history.  They infamously changed their colour scheme to navy blue, teal and orange during the second half of the 1990s before reverting to their traditional look just a few seasons later.

In the early 2000s the Islanders added an orange alternate jersey which lasted four seasons.

The new uniform will be worn Nov. 23rd and 11 more times in 2011-12

Ironically the New York Islanders are officially adding black to their colour scheme on the very same day that the New York Mets, the other blue and orange team in the area, announced they were eliminating almost all traces of the colour.

The new Islanders third jersey will be worn for the first time a week from tonight, Wednesday, November 23rd against the Philadelphia Flyers.  They will then be worn two nights later in honour of “Black Friday” against the New Jersey Devils.

It will be worn twelve times between next Wednesday and the end of the season, the complete schedule is listed below:

November 23rd vs. Philadelphia Flyers
November 25th vs. New Jersey Devils
December 10th vs. Pittsburgh Penguins
December 23rd vs. Toronto Maple Leafs
January 12th vs. Philadelphia Flyers
January 21st vs. Carolina Hurricanes
February 4th vs. Buffalo Sabres
February 20th vs. Ottawa Senators
March 4th vs. New Jersey Devils
March 13th vs. Washington Capitals
March 31st vs. Boston Bruins
April 5th vs. Winnipeg Jets

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28 Responses to New York Islanders Unveil New Black Alternates

  1. Mike says:

    Another embarrassing chapter for what has been, up until recently, a proud and historic book for the Islanders.

  2. F19 says:

    Ugh those are really terrible. Don’t go at all with the classy look the home/away sweaters have. Gorton’s Fisherman is better than these.

    Change that black to blue or orange and maybe you have something.

  3. bleuet says:

    Oh no! Seen them before getting to bed! Gonna make nightmares now 😀

  4. HockeyFan says:

    Holy crap, they are even look worse than expected. Burn them all imediately.

  5. Blue&Gold says:

    The jerseys as bad as the team.

  6. Zach says:


  7. Bob says:

    replace the gray with white and i’ll cry less

  8. Anthony O'Neill says:

    Wow…I’m totally underwhelmed. Who got paid to figure this one out? My 19 month old little girl could have designed a better jersey than this…

  9. James says:

    This is black NOT done right. I rather see the Gorden Fisherman uniform.

  10. Christian says:

    Ugliest jersey ever. Worst than the Fisherman. Sad.

  11. Jon says:

    So, the Mets return to their fantastic blue and orange color scheme, and the Islanders decide to pick it up? Awful awful sweaters, they look like an absolute joke

  12. Sabresman31 says:

    They are having problems keeping their team and they make these???

  13. nate says:

    I might be alone, but these are not as bad as everyone is making them out to be. They might look pretty good on the ice!

  14. Zebo says:

    Black I can deal with…I guess. The grey is what confuses me. Also, the text itself is really boring…maybe they should have used the cursive Islanders script instead. Whatevsss 🙂

  15. Aaron says:

    I don’t think these third jerseys are necessary. Now that the Islanders reverted back to their original scheme, they should stick with it. Black doesn’t really suit this team. If they did a splash of silver only, I don’t think anyone would notice too much. I’ve seen worse.

  16. Raph says:

    Looks like i’m with the minority who thinks this 3rd jersey isn’t that bad ! I think it looks good on them !

  17. cody smith says:

    i hate it already! dont wanna see that on the islanders. bring back THE FISHTICKS LOGO AS A ALT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Pichu says:

    YAY! They aren’t really THAT bad to me. The orange was the one that shined. I can’t wait for the islanders to go orange!

  19. JoChico says:

    As a life long Islander fan. (no pun intended) I am horrified how far this team has fallen. The gorton fisherman jersey was bad but this is apocalyptic! It is so sad that the NHL changes jerseys every 1-2 years and adds 10-15 “3rd” jerseys for each team just to make extra money. Perhaps if they improved the game they would sell more tickets instead of destroying great memories of a team with such lousy uniforms, just to gouge the fans.

  20. RJ the Killer says:

    I’m not a big Islanders’ fan, but those jerseys are awesome.

  21. Tommy G. says:

    And with that, the Isles are one step closer to Seattle. . . 😉

  22. Dominik says:

    Looks better than I thought.

  23. metssince64 says:

    I agree with JoChico, improve the game. Look at tapes of 25 years ago on back. The players today are much bigger while the ice surface and the net has stayed the same size. No room to manoever. Few odd man rushes , no stickhandling, a faux center red line,I could go onand on.They won’t expand the ice because of seating loss (money). So they sell crappy third jerseys like these eyesores and continue to decide games with shootouts. Hockey used to be a better game.

  24. Bryan says:

    It looks like a bad Philadelphia Phantoms jersey

  25. warmachinegow says:

    Another CRAPPY BLACK uniform– totally unnecessary, who in the NY Islanders marketing firm keeps smoking crack? someone please get them some help!!!!

  26. Rick says:

    These are pretty bad. teams need to quit with the long sleeve basketball jersey look.

  27. Jordan Hastings says:

    Look! Look! We think we’re the Dallas Stars!

  28. David says:


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