Mets Ditch Black, Tweak Unis, Unveil 50th Patch

The New York Mets today unveiled a tweaked set of uniforms as well their 50th anniversary patch which will be worn on their jerseys during the 2012 season.

Likely a change most  every fan of the club has been looking forward to for a few years, the club has removed all traces of black from their home, road, batting practice and one of their alternate jerseys (click those links to see each new jersey).

Since the 1998 season the Mets have incorporated a black drop-shadow on all team uniform scripts and player numbers, even wearing a predominantly black cap with their home whites for several seasons.

New York Mets new batting practice jersey, blue and orange goodness

Maybe the best change to the set is the new batting practice uniform, an all-blue jersey with orange sleeve stripes and Mets across the front in orange and white.  Screams classic Mets to me, can’t wait to see it on the field.

A black alternate jersey with “Mets” across the front in blue will be the only jersey carried over from 2011 however it has been hinted that the jersey will only be used sparingly and would be eliminated completely for 2013 in favour of a jersey more like that of the new batting practice mentioned earlier.

New York Mets 50th Anniversary Logo

The 50th anniversary logo, worn on the sleeve of all Mets game jerseys (not batting practice), features the familiar Mets skyline logo outlined in gold with a large ’50’, also in gold on the skyline.  The patch will replace the Mets logo on the jerseys for the season and fits in quite well considering it’s similarity in shape and design to the Mets logo that is usually there.

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18 Responses to Mets Ditch Black, Tweak Unis, Unveil 50th Patch

  1. Nick says:

    I love the uniforms. They are also going with the all-blue cap with the road grey uniforms too, which is awesome.

  2. F19 says:

    Wonderful tweaks from the Mets. That blue BP jersey looks great, I hope they do indeed replace the black one with that moving forward.

    Seeing all these great unveils from other teams makes me even angrier as a Marlins fan.

  3. ToddReigle says:

    I really like the 50th Anniversary logo… as a Cardinal fan I also enjoy watching this team choke and lose. Keep up the good work!

  4. Jugz says:

    I liked the black hats and unis!!!!!
    And i hate the pinstripes!!!!!!!!!!!
    Why cant they just keep with the plain white?

  5. Dave says:

    As a Philliea fan, it’s hard for me to say anything good about the Mets, but I will…these new uniforms are bee-utiful!! Ditch the black, finally!! Go back to what the Mets should be – blue pinstripes with orange trim. Bravo!!

  6. metssince64 says:

    As a 48 year Mets fan I’m thrilled to see that stinking black removed. I give credit to the Cards, Yanks,Dodgers and other teams who keep their unis the same every year. I I love that I can watch Albert Pujols in basically the same uniform as the great Lou Brock.

  7. Anonymous says:

    I hate how so many teams created black uniforms. I’d love to see it end for good.

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  9. James says:

    [Insert Darth Vader No scream]
    ok the 50th patch looks amazing! Way better than the 40th.
    I am disappointed that the Black is gone. I was a big fan of the black color when it was introduced. While the new alternative looks great I am disliking the idea of Blue uniforms. I don’t mind practice uniforms but as regular uniforms, they look like clowns. (Los mets?)

    I know blue is their real color but Black is more serious when done right and it was done right.

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  11. Sean Carter says:

    I am loving teams that are going retro for 2012 major league baseball season

  12. Brett says:

    The number they used for the Anniversary logo looks just like the number the Islanders used for their Anniversary logo, just gold and not silver.

  13. Pichu says:

    I wished they added the tri-color shoulder stripe. But, nevertheless, the unis look awesome! I wished that almost every team went retro. The o’s new unis are cool too!

  14. NYCGoalie says:

    I’m ECSTATIC that they lost the black on the uni’s!!! Black and orange in my opinion simply do not look good together.

    While I like the home uni, I’m not in love with it. Pinstripes are too associated with the Yankees. And as Met fan, anything associated with the Yankees (even conceptually) is an affront to my beliefs.

    If I had any say, I would have kept the home uniforms they wore last year which had the simple blue stripe along the front of the jersey and sides of the pants (very neat and clean IMO). I’d also like to see these new batting practice jersey become the new road uni; only replacing the word “METS” up front with the “New York” letters that are on the gray uniform. Then keep the gray pants.

    That would look awesome!!!

  15. Jonathan says:

    I love these “new” uniforms! I did like the black ones but they overused them quite a bit. I love the practice jersey and hope it becomes a game jersey some day…hope the new jerseys will give the mets good luck this year…Lets Go Mets!!!

  16. me says:

    That batting practice jersey is sweet. They should just make that their third. And add more stripes around the collar and sleeves.

  17. Greg Brown says:

    I like the new look – nice touch to emphasize the pinstripes. When the team was taking shape before their first season in ’62, they took various uniform and logo elements from the other New York teams. They took the black and orange from the Giants and the blue from the Dodgers. The pinstripes and the number fonts were from the Yankees, and the “NY” script on the cap was also taken from the Giants.

    Over time, the Mets departed from some of those elements, but it looks to me like they have returned to that now for 2012. Just in time for their 50th anniversary season. Hmm – too bad Casey Stengel’s long gone. They could bring him back to manage the team 🙂

    But seriously, this is really good. Kudos to the Mets, I think they got this one right.

  18. Dave Marr says:

    I’ve been a Mets fan since the ’60s, and I cringed when the team added black as one of its colors. Can’t tell you how happy I am that they’re phasing it out. The team is headed in the right direction (in more ways than one, hopefully). LET’S GO METS!

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