15 Responses to Orioles go back to the 80’s with new caps, jersey

  1. AlMagz says:

    finally an orange jersey that makes sense (unlike the stupid marlins), and logo is great.

  2. Tim Morgan says:

    They used the precedent of the Miami Dolphins helmet logo, where the dolphin shown wears a helmet with the team letter, I guess.

  3. Dave says:

    The best caricature logo in sports! It’s about time they went back to it.

  4. F19 says:

    Effing beautiful! This is how you do it Marlins. Great homage to the team’s past and fans. Only thing I don’t like is the white panel cap with the orange. Looks great with the white home, not so much on the alt.

  5. Trevor says:

    Awesome set! Been wanting the Cartoon Bird and an orange jersey for years now and The Orioles have finally brought them back! The Cartoon Bird is THE classic Orioles logo, and I really hope he’s here to stay. Check out all the variations over the years:

  6. Jonathan says:

    The Orioles have always had cool logos and jerseys and the “new” cap logo is a great homage to the team’s history, i love the orange alternate as well

  7. El_Gmac says:

    Nice hats I will get one, Orange shirt looks as nice as the Giants

  8. Ryan says:

    tri-color cap……doesnt work, the script looks less than appealing i like the black and orange cap, but the best cap theyve used is the O’s cap.

  9. Sean Carter says:

    i’am glad that orioles have gone back to classic look for their cap logo .

  10. geha714 says:

    A cap logo in the cap logo… LOGOCEPTION.

    Looks pretty good.

  11. Aaron says:

    I like the new cap logo. Definitely classic.

  12. warmachinegow says:

    AWSOME! This is what Baltimore should have kept, TRADITION, Great logo and colors–now, DONT EVER CHANGE AGAIN! KEEP THESE!!!!!!!!

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  15. Gray says:

    Love the bird but it looks a little odd that there’s no outline on the bottom part of the beak.

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