Foogos: The Miami Marlins Logo Made out of Food

I’m only a casual baseball fan. I like the Phillies, hate the Yankees & Red Sox aka the 1% (Philadelphia has definitely joined that group in recent years, but in my heart, they’re still powder blue collar bums who bleed maroon), and I know that Sammy Sosa looks totally weird now. Aside from major storylines and players, I don’t follow much of America’s pastime. So it’s no surprise that I was unaware of the Florida Marlins rebranding initiative until Chris Creamer approached me to showcase some of my Foogos art here on SportsLogos.Net

The logo is typical baseball shlock – boring stylized letter – meets construction paper, and despite that underwhelming description, I don’t totally hate it. I mean, the color scheme is definitely Miami. Sun, sand, ocean. And the font for the “M” and “MIAMI” (I think it’s from the Futura family) definitely has a South Beach vibe. So from that perspective, at least there is some logic to it.

Then there’s the hometown switcheroo. Sometimes these work, sometimes not. For instance, if the New York Islanders went more local, they’d be redundant and somehow terribler. Thankfully, SEGA Genesis’s NHLPA ’93 saved Charles Wang from making that colossal mistake. Too bad video games couldn’t show us the error of the California Angels becoming the Anaheim Angels and then the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. Be sure to shoot me when they add “Orange County” to the name. But in this Marlins case, I think going from the broad “Florida” to the specific “Miami” is a good move. If nothing else, it reinforces some of the decisions made with the logo.

That said, it’s still another so-so baseball logo. (Someone get the Brewers to stop fooling around and get back to the ball-in-glove. Baseball needs a kickass logo again.) Maybe my mother summed it up best when she asked, “What is that? Poo?”

click for full-sized image

Granted, she wasn’t talking even about the logo, but the ingredients I was using to create the M & Friends. And those ingredients would be black refried beans (the poo), regular refried beans (a lighter shade of poo), corn salsa, blue tortilla chips that somehow claim to have no artificial flavoring or coloring, and a delicious roasted red pepper spread, all of which were purchased in Heaven Trader Joe’s for a whopping $8.55.

I’m not really sure why they’re called “refried,” because there’s no way these beans were ever fried, but I’m pretty sure the con artists at Verizon are charging me per page view, so I’m not going to take the time to Google it. The mystery remains…

The original plan was to sacrifice the blue for the darkest lime I could find and hope the forest green hue would translate properly. I bought some oranges, lemons and grapes to round out the the orange (duhz), yellow, and black colors, but the grey stroke in the logo had me stumped. My whole Citrus State plan went up in smoke like that. (Deftly snaps fingers.)

Back to the drawing board, I returned to the blue conundrum (love that word!) and settled on corn chips. Black beans were a natural selection for the black portion of the logo, and as quickly as my first plan was thumped, the revision took off with a Mexican theme, and that Hispanic flavor also fits in with southern FLA. Yellow and orange would be easy even if I veered away from the obvious choices of cheese, but it came back down to the grey stroke. I thought to use regular corn chips, which have a manilla tone, but eventually dove into the regular refried beans pool. Even though they’re not the exact color, the beans are different enough from the black variety that I think it works.

The best thing about this is that for the most part, all these ingredients are the right consistency for molding and shaping. Yes, it’s messy, but it ain’t no poo.

This is the first in a series of articles showcasing Scott Modrzynski’s love of food, logos and art all mixed together.  To view more of Scott’s logos made out of food check out his site at

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10 Responses to Foogos: The Miami Marlins Logo Made out of Food

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  2. Boyee says:

    I wish the Marlins would have just changed their old logo to an M and maybe added orange.

  3. Sean Carter says:

    I still think marlins should have took more time to come up with better looking cap logo

  4. LONROY says:

    I was a bit stunned at first, but then the new logo and uniforms/colors grew on me. I think they are fresh, and definately represent the Miami. Anyone who does not like the new logos and colors are probably not from Miami or have never been there.
    I must disagree with your comments about baseball logos being boring. In my opinion, MLB cap logos are the best in the sports world BECAUSE they are usually so simple and clean looking. Sure, they are usually just a letter or initials for a city, but there is a rich and beautiful nostalgic history to these logos and what they represent. The other sports (NFL, NBA, NHL) logos/caps pale in comparison to MLB. Do you ever notice how popular baseball caps are in American pop culture compared to any other sport? There is a reason for that. Simple, fresh, clean, and nostalgic. Baseball team logos are timeless classics, and the caps are icons worn by people all over the world. You may hate the Yankees and Red Sox, but the rest of the world does not. These logos are universal (especially the NY logo).

    • Thanks for the comment, LONROY!

      I wholeheartedly agree that the Yankees logo (and to a lesser extent, the Sox), is a worldwide phenomenon, but I just think the banality of the majority of the leagues’ icons is sad. The Padres? Yawn. Dodgers? Snooze. The Mets, aka Yankees Lite? How original! I’ll take the Red Wings, Flyers and Blackhawks over those any day. (That’s not to say NHL logos are all the cat’s meow. There’s a few wretched logos out there, predominantly in the Southeast Division, and everything the Vancouver Canucks have ever done.) The Brewers used to have the best logo in sports history, and swapped it for an incredibly unoriginal M/whole wheat combination because, I don’t know… they wanted to blend in with the crowd? Cap sales won’t dissuade me either, because hockey jerseys are the greatest sports apparel known to man. Snoop Dogg knows it, too.

  5. Anonymous1111 says:

    The marlins will be easier to be eaten now

  6. LONROY says:


    I agree there are some really sweet NHL logos, I like the classic Penguins logo they went back to a few years ago. Same with some of the jerseys, I saw a really cool Bruins jersey a few years back that was brown and yellow and had a giant bear head on the front, it was awesome, not sure if it was a throwback or alt jersey. I absolutely agree with you 100% about that throwback Brewers logo, that thing is a work of art. Definately a clean look, and extremely relevant because most people don’t even realize the glove is also the M….you never know, maybe at some point they will go back to that, I see the Orioles are going back to the cartoon bird for 2012 and I think the Blue Jays are going back in time with the bird as well.

  7. LONROY says:

    Also, if you haven’t already seen it, take a look at the new (and controversial) London Rippers baseball team logo. If you google it you can see it, I did not find it here on Chris Creamers Logo site (yet).

  8. Bill says:

    I guess they figured nobody would notice except for the handful of fans that attend their home games. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw the new logo. In fact, I’m on my way to the hospital because it hurt me to look at it.

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