45 Responses to Farewell Florida, Marlins Re-branded as Miami

  1. Adam says:

    The Miami Marlins now make the Tampa Bay Rays look like the New York Yankees.

  2. Zane ali says:

    Love the new jerseys i think they could have done better with the logo though

  3. Pearson Carter says:

    Worst logo in sports history.

  4. Curtis says:

    The alternate uni’s are terrible, especially the orange. Something about the home white’s and grey uni’s that sorta reminds me of the original Tampa Bay Devil Rays uniforms. Just too much color in them.

  5. Ryan says:

    the black is about the only thing remotely tolerable…and saying tolerable is putting it very loosely

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  7. Chris says:

    Oh my, that’s a nightmare…looks like they channeled the Dolphins colors when they should have gone toward the Heat’s scheme.

  8. john says:

    you think that’s bad, wait until you see the $6M monstrocity in the outfield… poor Miami. They don’t realize how hard the world is laughing at them.

  9. warmachinegow says:

    I am all for the name change to Miami, but why would you get rid of a perfectly good logo they had, just use the M logo with the marlin instead of the F logo, and the colors dont mix well–I like colorful unis but this looks like a 1st grader designed these.

  10. Steve says:

    what a horrible logo

  11. Ben in LA says:

    Personally, it’s not TOO bad. I hope they have some throwback nights with the ORIGINAL Miami Marlins uniforms (aka the ones Satchel Paige and Jim Palmer wore)…

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  13. Aaron says:

    These uniforms aren’t too bad. Although I would make the following changes…

    On the home jerseys, I would use the word “Marlins” like they have on the third jersey and just use “Miami” on the road uniforms.

    Second, use the “M” logo through out. Example, on both Miami and Marlins, have the flying marlin come out of the first M.

    Third, I don’t think an orange jersey is necessary. Use black instead, like they have in the past. For an alternate jersey along with the black, perhaps use a throwback jersey (circa 1950’s-1960’s) would be appropriate. To be worn possibly on Friday or Sunday.

  14. ToddReigle says:

    Most softball beer leagues would be embarrassed to wear these. The sale of this merchandise will probably be an all-time low!

  15. TFSML says:

    I like the logo almost. If they dropped the fish from the “M” on that I would be down with it. It’s different that’s for sure.

    Your point about the number fonts is bang on. If they had made numbers to match the design of the M that could have been really interesting. Kind of wish all the fonts matched the M logo design too.

    Why does that M with fish have to be repeated 3 times on all uniforms? Hat sleeve and chest is a bit much.

    Next up Blue Jays re-brand. Are they going to do a similar count down and media event?

  16. fjojr says:

    Hope this scheme goes the way of the Panthers powder blue Happy Cats. Then they realize how un-Marlin they look and go back to the colors that brought them the 2 championships. If they win the World Series this will be there for a long time.

  17. Zach says:

    Now that I actually see everything come into place, I don’t think its that awful… HAHAHAH couldn’t say that with a strait face

  18. Cloudtail32 says:

    Their other logo was soooo much better than this crap still my 2nd favorite team.

  19. Gray says:

    I think it fits Miami as a city. Art deco, neon, pastel colours, Miami Vice.. This feels very much in line with a lot of those other visual characteristics of Miami. This would never work anywhere else but Miami though, for sure.

    I’m guessing the “worst ever” backlash comes from how unusual and bold it is compared to everything else in baseball. Most people just want more of the same, and as soon as someone tries something a little different it’s automatically the worst ever. I don’t think it’s a flawless design or anything, but I applaud them for being bold and daring to be different.

  20. F19 says:

    Awful awful awful.

    It’s an embarrassment for the city of Miami and all of South Florida. Locally the majority think it’s terrible. The only people that claim to like it are the bandwagon 305ers that are only excited because they changed the name to Miami.

    The team has lost the vast majority of it’s support from Broward and Palm Beach Counties now, first with the name change that most did not want, and now with these gaudy uniforms we’d be embarrassed to wear. That’s where most of the support has traditionally come from for the Marlins, they are in for a rude surprise when the novelty wears off, no one is showing up for the games and they aren’t selling any of this crappy merchandise.


  21. warmachinegow says:

    Now I remember what this new logo looks like—The BufaSlug logo on the old NHL sabres jersey that EVERYONE hated–thank God they changed it back to the original logo the Franchise started with–hope the same happens here, the more I look at this logo and uniform the WORSE it gets!!

  22. warmachinegow says:

    1 Final note: How much money do you think they paid for someone to design this Joke of a uniform and logo?? I could have designed this for them for $10 bucks.

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  24. Dolphinfan says:

    stole a lot of things from the Miami Dolphins but granted those are the colors of Miami. especially with the alternate jersey and hat. those orange atrocities are one of the worst and most obnoxious uniforms ever, especially for baseball. way too much going on with eh ‘M’

  25. thomas says:

    the same colors like the oklahoma thunder ?….pretty strange, since these colors don´t match together at all

  26. Mike says:

    Not really a fan of the logos, but I LOVE the orange alt jersey AND cap. Its just, different.

  27. Joseph says:

    Oklahoma city thunder colors

  28. The HavoX says:

    Words cannot describe just how hideous this logo and the uniforms are.

    Definitely the worst rebranding man has ever accomplished.

  29. Barnshaw says:

    Really, really, really, really bad.

  30. Rob says:

    I agree with Aaron’s commets above. All those suggestions would be an improvement.I’m not sure what to make of these though.The black cap actually looks ok. I’m not as sold on the uniforms. They are definitely the worse one’s in MLB.I thought they might be even worse though.I’m just now thinking the yellow should go,mainly because there are too many colors..The Orange jersey is unecessary,3 is enough.It’s not as bad as some of the bad hockey jersey designs we see. At least it is still a baseball jersey.

  31. scraper84 says:

    Gothic font with 1988 colors and a 1998 logo design? WHAT!?

    Then again, an MLB franchise in Miami = a billion dollars. So I guess they can get away with such an unforgivable logo.

  32. Aaron says:

    Another thing, the black caps look great. Although, if they’re going to use a second cap,the brim on that one should be blue, whether it be a road cap or home cap. An orange brim would make it look too much like the Baltimore Orioles. As for the yellow, hmmm! Use it discreetly or not at all!

  33. Tommy says:

    They should have stayed with their original colors and just used the old teal M with the Marlin(1999-2002)logo on their caps. This is pretty awful and has to be changed asap. Glad I don’t live in Florida and am not a Marlins fan. How embarrassing for those people who do/are fans and will buy this apparel.

  34. AC says:

    The “M” logo and the new colors leaked out back in Sept. I thought “No, this can’t possibly be the new logo!” And after reading a slew of disgust towards the new logo ‘concept,’ I would have thought the team, designers would tweak this a little, or scrap it. I guess not! I personally think it’s a terrible logo. Ok, I get the “art deco feel” to it, which is Miami..it just doesn’t work on a uniform. The colors are overkill. Black, orange, blue and yellow (Why Yellow? Its supposed to represent the Florida sunshine according to their logo/uniform debut video on Friday 11/11..um, ok?) MAYBE it would look better if they simply stuck to two colors. It just reminds me of a college, or even a high school uniform. a new expansion team to the MLB, even though they are celebrating their 20th year. The orange hats and jerseys are obnoxious.maybe thats homage to the new stadium that is now on site of the old Orange Bowl?. Dolphin colors with a dab of yellow..I don’t know what to say. the only thing unique about this, is how unoriginal and ugly it is.

  35. Thomas says:


  36. Mike says:

    I like it. Can’t wait for next season!

  37. Sec3MySofa says:

    The SF Giants had a run during the 1970s of orange home jerseys. Just FYI.

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  39. warmachinegow says:

    The logo and uniform is Picasso on a bad acid trip!

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  41. Raph says:

    I have seen logos better than this…

  42. JP says:


  43. bearstrike says:

    Blue Jays fan
    BlackHawks fan
    Dolphins fan
    Raptors fan

    Couldn’t stand the Marlin new logo, until I saw on the jerseys. Love it!! Orange and grey jersey set’s are awsome!! White looks pretty good as well. Not crazy about color and font choice of numbers.

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