22 Responses to San Diego Padres Unveil New Logos, Uniforms for 2012

  1. Bobby Jean says:

    LAME! I hoped they would change the Home logo… but the Road and Third jerseys are really nice.

  2. F19 says:

    Not terrible. Would have liked to see the brown/gold old school look return for them, but this is an okay set. The script on the Friar’s bat is kinda unnecessary if you ask me.

    It’ll certainly be the best MLB new identity unveiling this week, that’s for sure.

  3. Denton L. says:

    Wow, what a snoozer. I guess simplifying things is good, and props for bringing back the Friar logo, but the color palate is so generic and similar to so many other teams in pro sports.

    The Padres were fortunate to have a unique identity back in the day w/ the brown/yellow scheme, continuing with the blue kit as the primary color is just not that exciting/original.

  4. Theo says:

    did the Lightning start a trend which I don’t like?

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  6. SDFanBoy619 says:

    Just when you thought the Padres couldn’t get any more monochromatic and dull…..

  7. X86000 says:

    What a shame. It’s so dreadfully boring. It makes the Rays boring style seem quite daring and dynamic in comparison!

    It’s especially sad considering the wonderful and unique heritage that the Padres could either throw back to or modernise.

    This look is even a major downgrade from their last full uniform revision, which while boring at least had the unique road uniform colour.

    Also: The wispy serifs on the SD-logo are dated and aggravating to look at. While they were resurrecting logos, they should have taken ANY other SD from their history…

  8. Aaron says:

    I like the fact they kept this logo/uniform scheme simple. The sand coloured road uniform would’ve been cool and unique like the ones they had a couple years ago, but this is fine.

  9. Aaron says:

    Oh yeah, the friar logo looks neat too.

  10. Portugal says:

    *cough* Dodgers *cough*

  11. DMadSport says:

    Generally a downgrade, in my opinion. For starters, the khaki color should’ve been kept as a trim; it was unique to the Padres (it’s the color of the beach, for Pete’s sake). Secondly, replace the “SD” in the primary logo with the swinging friar. (I recall hearing in the past that the team wanted media to use “SD” more prominently than their previous logo, so it shouldn’t be surprising that it’s now the primary logo.) Finally, the number font should’ve been kept instead of the generic block style.

  12. Aaron says:

    The khaki outline should’ve stayed too.

  13. Rob says:

    I think these changes are a definite improvement! The Road Jersey looks great. I didn’t like the previous script with the Capatalized S and D being larger than the other letters. Here the letters are the same size. New Logo is a lot better also. Great Job on these!

  14. Brad says:

    Whats with the blues and reds in MLB? Lets introduced some different colors. I wish they would have went with Khaki as their main color…something different…zzzz….sorry I just fell asleep from these boring logos.

  15. Zach says:

    Well we’ll always have the Marlins Colors…

  16. Boyee says:

    I like the new logo better than the other and it beats the hideous new Miami Marlins logo, but I think the Padre as an alternate logo would look better without the words and circle.

  17. Heyer says:

    The Padres continue to swim around in mediocrity as evidenced by their product on the field, their long-term plan to stay mediocre, and now a “change” to the uniform set and brand identity that just screams, “We’re a wannabe Major League franchise!”

  18. JoChico says:

    Logo is boring…it really is sad because the padres have had some great logos in the past.

  19. Gray says:

    That logo could’ve been really great if only they’d put some more detail into it. It’s just a tad too sparse. Still, it’s better than the logo they had, and considering how often they seem to change or tweak their logo, maybe they’ll add those details to this one in the near future.

    In all honesty, what they really need to do is change their name. You can’t ever win (identity/logo-wise) with a name like Padres. There’s just nothing you can do with that as your team name, which is so very obvious when you look at their primary logos of the past and how often they’ve changed logos. That name needs to be changed into something you can easily visualize and make people want to wear. A padre will never work as a sports team name or logo.

  20. Bobby says:

    I would of liked to see the sand color stay for the alternate jersey or at least the trim. The Navy is getting boring… Tampa had a chance to have unique colors to with purple and green, at least they added the unique color baby blue. There needs to be more color variety in baseball. But, we always have the electric orange Miami Marlins…

  21. Chris says:

    Give me the old uniforms that is their true colors

  22. David Carlson says:

    Holy 1920’s. Pretty Generic main logo. Not much thought put into it and why bring back that lousy friar? yeesh!

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