Texas Rangers 2011 World Series Champs Phantom Gear

Hats off to the Saint Louis Cardinals and their thrilling “it ain’t over till it’s over” run to the World Championship.  Their 11th in franchise history, second only to the New York Yankees.

While the Cardinals players were celebrating in their locker room wearing their official championship caps and t-shirts (of which you can purchase already from MLB.com by clicking here for the t-shirt and here for the cap), the Texas Rangers merchandise was being hidden away in some deep, dark corner of Busch Stadium.

Lets shed some light on that hidden merchandise shall we?

Behold, official Texas Rangers 2011 World Series Championship merchandise!

First up, the official locker room cap and t-shirt:

Notice the skyline on the Rangers championship shirt is not nearly as interesting as the one on the Cardinals shirt… at least include that funny lookin’ observation tower Dallas has.

Below are pennants, pins, and other random things I came across while putting this together:
Another year, another round of phantom Texas Rangers World Series Champions merchandise… Back-to-Back Phantom Champs!

If you’re into the phantom merchandise, check out the gallery of past images we’ve found on our Facebook Fan Page, you’ll “Like” it (I’m tired, that’s all you get for comedy)


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13 Responses to Texas Rangers 2011 World Series Champs Phantom Gear

  1. thomas says:

    fukk this crap……*facepalm*……..God, why do you punish Josh….again….?

  2. K.G. says:

    Yet this was a strike away from happening…

  3. K.G. says:

    *actually happening

  4. Glen says:

    Would anyone actually be able to purchase any of this merchandise? I mean, I know it would be rogue and probably totally worthless, but, it still might be interesting to turn up somewhere in one of those shirts, assuming you would live to tell about it….. 🙂

  5. Tired says:

    Is this all you post about? We get it. Phantom merchandise exists. Get over it. No one cares. There’s lots more going on in the sports logo world. Either post about something else or just rename your blog to the “Phantom Merchandise” blog. Enough already. Ever other post does not need to be about this topic.

  6. Michael Brown says:

    It is possible to get this made in lots of Asia. You can get anything made in Asia. My Neighbors do just this sort of things.

  7. Julian San says:


    You need to check yourself! I am and have always been fascinated with “phantom merchandise” and my new goal in life before I die is to get my hands on some phantom merchandise and wear it proudly so as to confound people who see me on the streets. Chris, THANK YOU for posting this stuff!

  8. Chris says:

    The skyline on the Rangers championship t-shirt looks really generic. I live in Dallas and our skyline is much more diverse than the 10 block buildings it appears that shirt has on it…

  9. Todd says:

    The Texas Rangers don’t play in Dallas nor do they even play in Dallas County.
    The Ballpark in Arlington where the Rangers play is in Arlington, Texas which is in Tarrant County which is the same county Fort Worth, Texas is.
    So the Dallas skyline has NOTHING to do with the Texas Rangers.
    Matter of fact, the Dallas Cowboys stadium is next door to the Rangers in Arlington….so they technically aren’t Dallas either!

  10. Todd says:

    @ Chris….what on earth does Dallas have to do with the Rangers franchise surviving??
    It is the entire D/FW metroplex, not just Dallas. It is the Texas Rangers, not the Dallas Rangers. They survive by fan attendance and private ownership, not because Dallas is a nearby city.
    Next you’ll say, that DFW International Airport wouldn’t survive if it weren’t for Dallas…or Texas Motor Speedway which is in Fort Worth would fail if it weren’t for Dallas, right???

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