New Team Canada Alternate Jersey Leaked

Canada’s National Hockey Team will be sporting a “throwback-inspired” third jersey for this upcoming World Junior Championships, one which will incorporate a very interesting pattern along the hem. (closeup of hem design at the bottom of this post)

The new jersey, which has yet to be released, was spotted at a Downtown Toronto hockey retail outlet yesterday by a reader who sent in these pics for us.

1995 Team Canada Juniors Jersey

The jersey uses the logo of the Team Canada juniors and women’s program of the early 1990s, featuring maple leaves along side a hockey stick.

The star of this jersey is the grey pattern designed along the waist of the jersey, it’s a muralistic (not a word) representation of Team Canada’s junior hockey past, borrowing imagery of previous championship tournaments while including years of noteworthy tournaments in the history of the junior program.

It took me a couple of looks to see all the years in here, can you spot them? (click for full-sized)

There is no announced release date for the new jersey at this time but we know we’ll see them on the ice by late December when the junior tournament gets underway.

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7 Responses to New Team Canada Alternate Jersey Leaked

  1. Big Bubba says:

    Much better than that current “corporate” logo they wear.I wonder if the hem stripe was inspired by the Olympic logo.

  2. yegBry says:

    I am not a fan of this at all. I love the standard Hockey Canada Logo (the shoulder logo on this monstrosity). Why is it they try to keep reinventing and recycling old horrid designs?

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  4. HC_FAN says:

    Wow, love the vintage look of the jersey. After seeing this, I went online to the Hockey Canada Online store and bought mine… Should have it delivered before the tournament which I’m going to in Alberta….

  5. Jake says:

    Love it, the only issue I have is that if you take away the logos and mural along the bottom, you are left with a red wings jersey.

  6. TML95 says:

    Wow, probably the coolest jersey I have ever seen. Bar none.

  7. mimicoguy says:

    May be the worst Team Canada jersey ever. As my partner said, it’s Spengler Cup worthy.

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