2011 Detroit Tigers AL Champs Phantom Merchandise

Congratulations to Nelson Cruz and the rest of the 2011 Texas Rangers for their second consecutive American League pennant! You can take a look at and purchase their championship t-shirt here and their championship cap here.

Of course with every winner there is unfortunately a loser and this year it was the Detroit Tigers who came oh-so-close to making it to the Fall Classic.  Below you will find the official locker room t-shirt and caps that would have been handed out to the Detroit Tigers had they won the 2011 American League Championship:

2011 American League Champions T-Shirt - Detroit Tigers

2011 American League Champions cap Detroit Tigers

If you’re a fan of looking at “phantom championship” merchandise, take a gander at our Facebook Fan page which has a photo gallery full of phantom champions merchandise

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7 Responses to 2011 Detroit Tigers AL Champs Phantom Merchandise

  1. Scott says:

    I really like those shirts. Would have looked nice had Arizona won the NL.

  2. MVPTexas says:

    hmmm I take it you’re a Detroit Tigers fan? lol GO RANGERS!!!

  3. spartyfan says:

    Why why why did you have to post this? 😦

  4. Bobby says:

    At least the stuff will be donated. It is logical to make sets of champ gear for both teams. But in reality, is is kind of a wast…

  5. Ed says:

    I used to shop at a Champion outlet store in New York state when I was in college – they had much of the phantom stuff sold super-cheap – the collegiate bowl games that never happened, the 1989 World Series champion SF Giants (Oakland of course won), etc. I wish I knew where to find these items – they are great for donations too, which is probably the best use!

  6. Edward C. says:

    Alas my poor Tigers. Eliminated on my birthday. 😦

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