New Islanders Third Leaked Again

For the second time in the last three months the New York Islanders new 2011-12 alternate jersey has been leaked.

You may recall during the off-season when their graphic designer posted a detailed image of the new uniform set on his Flickr account – the Islanders confirmed that the jersey shown then was only a prototype design, one of many they are considering.

Fast forward to October and now a very similar jersey is listed in a recently mailed-out River City Sports catalogue (thanks to CCSLC user gorams1 for capturing the image).

The River City Sports version differs only slightly from the original leaked graphic, the white we saw in August now appears to be a silver or grey, that’s the only difference we can see. The tie-up laces are still present, the dual 40th Anniversary patches are there, the out-of-nowhere black is very there.

The original leaked graphic from August 2011

What we’re not sure about is whether the giant white nameplate (ala Philadelphia Flyers) that we saw in August remains, we certainly hope it isn’t but then again, why wouldn’t it be? This is already a clear favourite for worst uniform in the NHL, why wouldn’t they just take it that one step further?

As of the posting of this article the New York Islanders had yet to respond to requests for a comment, we will post updates should that happen.

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23 Responses to New Islanders Third Leaked Again

  1. anthony says:

    Professional teams (in all 4 major US sports) have got to stop using black as an alternate color. Haven’t we learned anything from the NY Mets and Detroit Lions?

  2. Kenny Powers says:

    Couldn’t agree more anthony!

  3. Bill Drake says:

    Why? dear god why? To think that the franchise paid someone to come up with this crap. As an Islanders fan I am pretty disappointed.

  4. Matthew says:

    Bring back the fishstick logo!

  5. Daryl says:

    God forbid they could make an orange jersey to match the blue and white ones, that would be awesome!

  6. Shaun says:

    From the team that brought us the angry fisherman back in the mid 90s should we not be surprised ugly ugly jersey

  7. Big Bubba says:

    FINALLY, they had their jerseys right: they went back to the 1980s as their full-time uniforms. And then they introduce this crap. Honestly, with this organization, I’m not even surprised anymore.

  8. Matt Marczel says:

    Well, the Islanders ownership are about to experience some harsh backlash from the fanbase for this horrid jersey design, which I’m sure will give the owners fishstick jersey hate mail flachbacks. If their goal was to try and make an alternate jersey that is equally as ugly and highly unpopulaar as the former Atlanta Thrashers alternate jerseys were, than they succeeded with flying colours. This is just another epic jersey fail from the Islanders.

  9. HockeyFan says:

    Leave it to the Islanders to come up with another crappy jersey. They are the team that is best at coming up with the ugliest 3rd jerseys possible.

  10. Steve says:

    After suffering for years with awful uniforms, last year they finally get it right…only to ruin it this year with a BFBS jersey. It’s infuriating being an Islanders fan…

  11. Paul says:

    Well, the photo of the jersey doesn’t look as bad as the drawing … I guess that is the only nice thing I can say. Actually 2 other nice things about it: it doesn’t look as bad as that bright orange atrocity they wore previously for the third jersey and at least it isn’t teal (fishstick flashback).
    DO they really think anyone will buy that thing? I doubt it.

  12. Cole says:

    Whoever says stop using black as an alt colour, look at the Chicago Blackhawks. They rocked black alts for years that looked good. The LA Kings used a black alternate that was promoted to home this year. Boston has a decent black jersey. The only problem with Calgary’s black from the early 2000s was the hellhorse. Philadelphia had a black alt that was promoted to home for a while before the move back to retros. San Jose has a good black alt. During the 2000s, Washington had a good black jersey. That is to say, not the worst jersey I’ve seen but weak effort.

  13. TW says:

    Who cares. Win games.

  14. RedSox44 says:

    I like the Stars and the football themed jerseys, believe it or not.

    But this…this is unreal. Why would you have an arched wordmark of you’re not putting a number underneath? perhaps it’s better that they didn’t. These things might look even more garish if they did.

  15. Potvin5 says:

    Wow, that is hideous. What the hell are they thinking? Humiliated by my Islanders again.

  16. Bob says:

    oh come on their not THAT bad

  17. dave says:

    Its not that you cant use black. Its when you use black as an accent when black was never in your pallet to begin with. The Blackhawks, Kings and Bruins all have black as a primary color in their uniform. The Flames adde black ala the Mets and Lions and made their uniforms worse in the process.

  18. Minnesota Steakbone Patrol EXO SQUAD Unit-4 says:

    If this team really wanted to make their 40th anniversary a bit more fun via Jerseys, they should bring back the Fishstick uniform for a select Home game like the Kings/Canucks did last season for their 40ths.

    Its a nod to history, sure it was hated, but it would still be fun for an evening.

    Or just bring back the Fishstick logo (not the wavey trim though) as a third, in their current color scheme (no teal). For a third jersey I bet it would sell more than this bland black thing, and again, more fun and historic.

  19. anthony says:

    I’d like to see the team rock straight up retros. Old, heavy CCMs and really push the anniversary correlation to the cup winning team(s). I’ve heard the announcers and friends and family compare this team to the glory days. That being said, let’s have each player wear a comparable jersey to their old school counterpart. (IE Grabner wears a Bobby Borne throwback, Streit wears the C on the front, and Potvin on the back….) If the league would allow it, I think that’d be a sick way to celebrate….and, as for black: think black on black with the block letters “NEW YORK” (or “BROOKLYN” Haha) across the front, patches on the shoulders, black on black numbers. Sick.

  20. James says:

    black works for the Mets though.

    anyway this is ugly, but why should I be surprised by a team that though Gordon Fishermen would be a good face for the team.

  21. James says:

    well maybe I was to harsh.
    if they get rid of the “ISLANDERS” on the chest and put the real Islanders logo on the chest, maybe just maybe.

    I don’t want to hear the “I want traditional colors” people black is not a bad color if it works right and ORANGE, BLUE, and BLACK works well.

  22. Emlic I. says:

    As an Islanders fan,I must say…I seriously hope they DO NOT consider that hideous black monstosity as thier third jersey!If I may make a suggestion to the design.Simplify it,take the current home jersey switch the colors around.Take the white parts of the jersey,turn them blue.Take the orange parts turn them white,and take the predominately blue areas of the jersey,turn them orange.No need to touch the logo it’s fine as is.

  23. Mike says:

    Winning will take care of all of this nonsense.

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