2011 Phantom ALCS, NLCS Programs

It’s Major League Baseball’s League Championship Series – where 95% of the epic moments are forgotten and replaced by the heroes of the World Series a week later (I didn’t say 100%, you fans of Aaron Boone, Roberto Alomar, and facts can relax).

Anyways, much like their championship t-shirts and caps, leagues will produce other memorabilia – such as programs – for playoff or final round matchups (you can check out and purchase the actual programs by clicking here for the ALCS and here for the NLCS); but here’s the official program covers of all the different versions of 2011 ALCS and NLCS programs that Major League Baseball had produced in anticipation of what could have and eventually did not happen:

2011 ALCS Phantom Program - Texas Rangers vs New York Yankees

2011 ALCS Phantom Program - Tampa Bay Rays vs New York Yankees

2011 ALCS Phantom Program - Tampa Bay Rays vs Detroit Tigers

What I’d be curious in learning is how they determined which team gets listed first; on a quick glance it appears the team that would have had home-field advantage is always displayed on the right of the cover.

2011 NLCS Phantom Program - St Louis Cardinals vs Arizona Diamondbacks

2011 NLCS Phantom Program - Milwaukee Brewers vs Philadelphia Phillies

2011 NLCS Phantom Program - Arizona Diamondbacks vs Philadelphia Phillies

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5 Responses to 2011 Phantom ALCS, NLCS Programs

  1. spartyfan says:

    hahaha Yankees suck

  2. jbs says:

    I’m a phillies fan so im really not happy with our outcome however i still love my phils no matter what(thats what true fans are not bandwagoners once their teams good and not bandwagoners of the yankees). However i really hope Josh Hamilton and the Rangers win the world series. After all hes been through and the city was through after the death of that poor man who left behind his 6 yr old son it would be nice to see them rasie the championship and make things a “little” brighter for that family. I have this weird feeling they may win it

  3. jbs says:

    check that i meant raise a WS trophy*

  4. thomas says:

    agree with jbs……josh deserves to win……last year was pure evil…..the fruity giants and brian wilson…..ugh

  5. bcd says:

    as a yankees fan it’s disappointing to see them go in the 1st round, and I can empathize with phillie fans for once since they shared the same bitter fate. but that’s what happens when you have a team reach the playoffs every year. you have high expectations and when they’re not met the whole season becomes a total failure. at least the yankees and philly fans can look back on their recent championship runs. 2009 will always have a special place in my heart as the yankees and cardinals are the only teams in the wild card era to win world championships in the same year they opened a new stadium.

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