13 Responses to NHL Logo and Uniform Preview 2012

  1. mike says:

    great work thanks Chris!

  2. Lyndon says:

    Re: the Dallas Stars Skrastins tribute sticker.

    The tribute for Karlis Skrastins appears to be a small “37” in white & gold on the home helmet and in Green, Gold & Black for road helmets.

    I found a few pictures of current players wearing the sticker on their helmets at the recent Dallas Stars Alumni Game on sunday:

    on Souray’s helmet:

    on Robidas’ helmet:

  3. Baltimore Joe says:

    Has anyone noticed that the Rangers’ Derek Boogaard patch has the same shooting star shape as the Minnesota Wild logo?

  4. Brad says:

    In all fairness, when the Pittsburgh NHL Pirates started play in 1925, they were black and gold and the Bruins brown and gold. They were the first team in Pittsburgh to use this color scheme in as the MLB Pirates used red, white and blue at the time and the NFL Pirates (later Steelers) didn’t come to existence until the NHL Pirates moved to Philly. This being a historical team color and the colors of the City of Pittsburgh, the Penguins were allowed to use them despite the Bruins protests. Our colors aren’t the same now anyway, thank goodness. I want nothing to do with anything Boston.

  5. Neonix says:

    Awesome work! Thank you!

  6. Matt Marczel says:

    Hmm… Canucks have a Rypien memorial decal, but I have yet to see or hear anything about a memorial decal or patch for Pavol Demitra. Strange, he was a close personal friend of GM Mike Gillis too. You’d think they would’ve announced some kind of a tribute for Demitra when they announced the memorial helmet decal and Oct 18th pre-game memorial ceremony for Rick Rypien.

  7. Blake A says:

    @Baltimore Joe:

    That is very interesting! Since he spent almost all of his short career in a Wild uniform, and lived and died in Mpls, they must have found that to be an appropriate way to pay tribute. I think it’s pretty cool, personally. Classy, even.

  8. Aaron says:

    Correct me if I’m wrong, don’t anniversary patches usually go on the jersey?

  9. F19 says:

    Glad to hear that the Cats apparently are ditching that horrid blue 3rd sweater after this season. Also explains why they wore it exclusively in the preseason.

    I’d like to see the navy return as a new alt, even if it’s the same template as the new home/road, only with the stick-breaking version of the leaping Panther.

    GO CATS!

  10. Isaiah says:

    Thanks so much Chris, this is awesome. You guys should do this every year.

  11. JustinF says:

    Speaking of illegal/fake jerseys, my friend is wearing a jersey that 1)He apparently got it from his Uncle who “works for Reebok” for $40. 2)It’s the old Blackhawks alternate jersey they dropped after 2009, but it has a 2010 SCF patch and it has ‘Hossa’ on the back, who they picked up after the 2009 season. I point out it’s fake without even examining the stitching, yet he still insists it’s real.

  12. crosbysakic8719 says:

    i dont like the numbers on the front of the helmets but i thought the new reebok logo on the back of the jerseys were going to be awful but they arent that bad.

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