Winnipeg Jets Unveil Jerseys

The Winnipeg Jets unveiled their new jerseys for the upcoming 2011-12 season… here’s some screencaps from the video feed of their press conference today

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13 Responses to Winnipeg Jets Unveil Jerseys

  1. says:


    the numbers look great, but the jerseys need some red.

  2. Rico says:

    Although I’m slightly disappointed there’s no gray in the home jersey.

  3. Neonix says:

    Not bad… I like the Home one. Not sure about the Away through… I still think they could have done much better

  4. Matt E says:

    The heck’s that on the sides of the arms on the white jerseys? Just the navy yoke continuing between the two rings, or is there a logo there? Looks like crap – they shouldn’t have the yoke be interrupted if they’re taking it all the way to the ends of the arms, or, just end it at the shoulders. Otherwise, perfect. Add navy shorts and white socks with the blue-grey ring and it should be a nice look.

  5. Alan says:

    These are awesome Jerseys and I don’t what you all say, and yes this came from a Canucks fan.

  6. bleuet says:

    Great great stuff. Love it.

  7. F19 says:

    Good. Logo still needs a few tweaks but classy sweaters.

  8. Jquiet says:

    I think they’re awesome. They’re unique and more than made up for the bad logo.

  9. Doglas Malicote says:

    This is amazing, but I want to have one but their too pricy to afford but AMEN TO THE WINNIPEG Jets and their Airforce and Mark Chipman and report this to 700 WLW imediately

  10. Matt Marczel says:

    They look better than I expected them to look. They look alright, they could’ve been better. I prefer a teams jersey colours to blend in well with the logos, for a team to feature an extra colour in the logos that is not featured anywhere else on the jerseys just throws the balance of the look of the jersey off IMO. This applies to my Canucks too.

  11. Aaron says:

    Nice uniforms. Very classy looking. I think if a third jersey comes around, the script logo should be at the front.

  12. Rolly says:

    they arent overly terrible. they could have done a lot better and of course worse, but am pleased to see a look that is more classic and simple. not sure how i like the two sets of stripes on the arm, the longer shoulder yoke on the roadies, or the bottom stripe going to the bottom of the jersey, yet overall not bad. sadly tho, i think i like these ( counterfit jerseys better, i think they are cleaner and more classic.

  13. James says:

    i said this before but if they replaced the light blue with red it might look a little better.

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