Blue Jays “Man in White” Photos?

Upon reading about the Toronto Blue Jays “stealing signs” article (which suggested a mysterious man in white was responsible for tipping off Jays hitters about which pitch was coming) I knew I had to search through my photo archives to see if I could catch this supposed incident…

Well, I couldn’t.

Later on Jose Bautista confirmed it was a game against the Chicago White Sox in early Spring of 2010 in which he had an encounter with the visitors bullpen about this.

A quick search of Flickr for the Jays/White Sox series in April 2010 yielded a couple of photos of the area in question in which you could see a fan or two dressed in white:

In the top photo you can see a “man in white” on the opposite side of where the White Sox bullpen would be, in the bottom photo there are a couple of “men in white” on the White Sox side of the batters-eye.

In both photos, the Blue Jays are hitting.

Does this prove anything? Nah… but I thought it was at least worth sharing with the community.

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4 Responses to Blue Jays “Man in White” Photos?

  1. Bart Zwiep says:

    Home game for the Jays…Jays wear white at home…fans wear white home jerseys…thinking these are the mysterious sign stealers? Stupid. If the Jays were stealing signs, how come they aren’t in first and have 8 or 9 more World Series Title banners????

  2. Cashew says:

    Forget about pictures, I’ve found video proof of the existence of the man in white.
    you’ve got to squint a bit but he’s fairly visible

  3. Ellie Kenon says:

    I think the guy on the grassy knoll was also wearing white maybe its the same guy

  4. Tim says:

    Next Jays home games all the fans should wear white. I have a white Jays golf shirt i might wear.

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