NHL Third Jersey Leaks?

A couple of unconfirmed-but-seems-extremely-likely leaks in the last 24 hours involving two new NHL third jerseys set to debut in the upcoming 2011-12 season.

First up, the New York Islanders new black alternate jersey was potentially leaked by their own graphic designer on his Flickr account

The evidence as to why this is likely the new Islanders alternate jersey was covered quite well by Greg Wyshynski on the PuckDaddy Blog.  With the Thrashers moving to Winnipeg I guess the Islanders felt the need to step up to the plate and become the new “ugly alternate” team in the league.  Good job.  Next question is whether they’ll be the re-born Scouts or Nordiques.

UPDATE (4:30pm 8/4/2011): The New York Islanders, responding to a tweeted question by Greg Wyshynski, said the following: “That is one of the 3rd jersey designs we are considering. At the appropriate time we’ll announce the Isles official 3rd jersey.”

The other team to have their jersey potentially leaked was that of the Ottawa Senators, who are planning to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the 1992 Ottawa Senators with jerseys inspired by those of the 1918 Ottawa Senators (does that make sense to anyone else?)… this jersey looks like it’s going to be a beauty to watch on the ice:

You can read all the details about why this is likely the real-deal over on Icethetics, who had leaked the image originally.

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18 Responses to NHL Third Jersey Leaks?

  1. Unwind says:

    That Islanders 3rd is combining the worst aspects of the Knicks and Thunder. Beyond horrendous.

  2. John Bloom says:

    Looks like the Islanders don’t even want to sell merchandise. At least that will take some of the sting out of the old “Gorton’s” jerseys. Absolutely awful.

  3. Kenny Powers says:

    Isles unis looks like somebody used the create-a-jersey feature on some old PS2 game. Lame. The Sens unis however are a thing of beauty.

  4. bleuet says:

    This Isl jersey is the most horrible thing I ever saw. Do not show this to kids, they will make nightmares!

  5. Jason says:

    It’s basically already been said, but are the Islanders trying to pay homage to the Knicks with those alts.? I mean, seriously…

  6. Peter Knick says:

    you are all idiots. this is a concept. where does this say its official anywhere? people are allowed to doodle and come up with ideas and post them wherever they want. what makes this different? its just an idea. and i think the isl looks nice.

  7. RC says:

    Sorry Peter, but the only person other than you I can see defending that uniform design is the designer himself. Unless YOU are the designer?

    I just don’t understand the logic behind the colour scheme.

    Oh and Peter, the Islanders have confirmed that this is one of the designs they are considering so it’s not like it’s a random design by a fan that popped up on a blog somewhere.

    Bottom line is this would be the worst-looking uniforms in the league.

  8. bleuet says:

    Hey Peter Knickebocker,

    These colors are horrible, whatever its the Knicks or the Isles who were them period.

  9. Cedric Baker says:

    People using black for the case of wearing black because “it looks cool” MUST stop. It’s getting ridiculous. The Islanders do not even have a black outline like most teams who do that. The Senators is a good design, but add some color for god’s sakes. If I want to see hockey in monochrome, I pull some clips of original six hockey of YouTube.

  10. Boyee says:

    The Islanders third sucks, but the Senators one is pretty sweet.

  11. Bill says:

    The Islanders with..black? It just doesn’t work. The Fisherman jerseys look way better in comparison.

    The Senators 3rd looks great!

  12. AdventureShorts says:

    Is this Islanders concept a NY Mets throwaway design? This is terrible.

  13. Ken says:

    Noooooooooo! Why does everyone think adding black to a jersey that already has blue and orange is a good idea?! The Mets are phasing out the black, looks like the Knicks are too with the subtraction of black in their logo… Maybe these are colors fans in KC like, being that a vote for a new Islanders arena didn’t get passed???

  14. Ken says:

    @Bill… I know they were under major scrutiny but I LOVED the fish stick jerseys!!!

  15. JB says:

    While the Islanders current unis aren’t flashy, they are far better than anything else they have ever tried. Stick with them, and please stop trying to do something else.

    As for the Ottawa jerseys, they aren’t bad. I just wish that Reebok had let the Ottawa 67’s do something like this for their dark jerseys, instead of the black with barber pole sleeves.

  16. F to the A to the I to the Ella

  17. Michael says:

    That Islanders sweater is just awful. Awful.

  18. Champon9783 says:

    I love the islanders….I’m actually a fan….I loved the orange 3rd jerseys with the blue side strip, kinda like
    the denver broncos jersey….Bring that back….

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