Sportsnet Shows Parody Alomar Plaque in Promo

During their telecast of the Toronto Blue Jays/Texas Rangers game last night Rogers Sportsnet aired the above promo graphic advertising a Roberto Alomar television special — something about this graphic jumped out at me instantly… that’s not Alomar’s plaque, in fact it’s a parody plaque created by Onion-esque Mets fans blog “The Apple“. (Those who have MLB TV can see this viewing the Home feed, Friday’s game, it appears right at the 2:00:00 mark)

While the words on the plaque aren’t legible in the screencap above it was clearly visible on my HD television during the game last night – below is a closeup of the plaque from the original graphic on “The Apple”

“???? 2002-2003*”
“*Rumored to have played for Mets but no evidence exists”

Not only is Rogers Sportsnet doing absolutely no research beyond a quick Google Image search, they also took the time to erase a watermark from someone else’s image but didn’t bother to actually read the obviously fake graphic.  It’s a good thing they didn’t use any of the much-more vulgar Alomar parody Hall of Fame plaques out there.

For the record, I was able to find the real Alomar plaque in about three seconds – it doesn’t look a thing like Robbie but here it is:

Good job Sportsnet!  Can’t wait to see that Alomar special now.

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4 Responses to Sportsnet Shows Parody Alomar Plaque in Promo

  1. Mark Dewdney says:

    Absolutely horrible (the HoF plaque, I mean)

    I mean, they could put my backside on my plaque, but you’d think they could at least use a picture of Alomar.

  2. Randy Medina says:

    Thanks for the heads up about this. I can’t believe they were lazy enough to grab the image of the site but took the time to wipe out the watermark.

  3. Randy Medina says:

    BTW why does Robbie’s real plaque have a picture of Mookie Wilson on it?

  4. JO says:

    i always think of the time he spit on the umpire.
    that plaque is wordy!

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