Logo Links: Bills Unis, NHL Alignment, ECHL, NBA

Goooood Monday morning everyone, here’s the this-and-that in the world of sports logos, etc.

One of the worst kept secrets was unveiled on Friday as the Buffalo Bills showed off their new-old uniform design, as predicted waaaay back in February it’s a white helmet with the current logo, royal blue uniform just like in the ’70s.  A vast improvement over the previous look which was in place for the past nine years and also marks the end of the red-helmet era in Buffalo which had been in use nearly 30 years.

In the NHL, with the relocation of Atlanta to Winnipeg the league has a bit of an alignment issue with their conferences and divisions, heading into the 2011-12 season the Winnipeg Jets, one of the northernmost teams in the league, will be playing in the Southeast Division (map of current alignment) among the likes of Florida and Tampa Bay.  Just a one-season issue says the NHL as they are apparently discussing plans to do some serious re-alignment for 2012-13, the big idea on the table sees 4 divisions with 7-8 teams per division.  I really hope the league goes with this plan and adjusts the playoff structure to return to a divisional format – 1 v 4, 2 v 3 and winners meet.  With a league so focused on creating rivalries they took away the best way to create a rivalry – frequent playoff matchups between the same teams.  Regular season games hardly ever create a real rivalry.  Fix it!

Anyone remember the Trenton Titans? They used to play in the ECHL? Became the Trenton Devils? Anyways, out of nowhere the ECHL registered the Trenton Titans name again on June 21, 2011 – no logo in the registration but it was described as such, “The mark consists of a hockey player wearing a helmet and carrying a hockey stick leaping over a bridge over the words “TRENTON” and “TITANS”.”

Either the ECHL is getting in the business of selling retro merchandise or the Devils are becoming the Titans once again!

I mentioned the Las Vegas Nevadans was a registered new pro hockey team name with the USPTO last week, I’m still not too sure if they’re a re-named ECHL Las Vegas Wranglers or a new team in a new league but they’ve now registered their logo and, well, judge for yourself:

I’m going to wager (see what I did there?) that this will be part of a new league that may or may not ever drop a puck or crown a champion – just a hunch.

Versus (the sports channel that’s not ESPN) is expected to have a new name in place by January 1 – all sources point to them using NBC Sports in their name somehow.

MetLife is in serious talks to re-name New Meadowlands Stadium as MetLife Stadium in New Jersey, the stadium not only is the home to both the New York Giants and New York Jets but will also host Super Bowl XLVIII in 2014, the first northern outdoor Super Bowl ever (snowstorm please!)

There are ongoing talks about having a group of NBA players tour China in July or August should the league lock-out its players – the current agreement between the players and owners expires on June 30th.  In other words there’s a good chance there’s no football and no basketball this fall.  Your time to shine NHL.


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24 Responses to Logo Links: Bills Unis, NHL Alignment, ECHL, NBA

  1. GeoTheo says:

    The NHL could just move Minn. to the Central, Nashville to the Southeast, and Winnipeg to the Northwest. That would be a pretty simple but nice alignment. The only issue is that Nashville would be in the Eastern Conference even though it’s further west than Detroit and Columbus in the Western Conference. I would rather see one team put into the “wrong” conference geographically than see odd numbered divisions.

  2. mike says:

    You want to create rivalries .. instead of east-west set up north – south,,, have the canadian teams , rest of original 6 and some others like buffalo,minnesota, phil in the north and the rest in the south,, in the north you can have a canadian division and a US . have the north play just the north in the regular season and a few rival teams in the south just like baseball and then have a north vrs south stanley cup final.. git r done

  3. GeoTheo says:

    I also like the idea of eliminating a lot of teams and having US vs. Can.
    Can = Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, Quebec & maybe Hamilton.

    US= Boston, Rangers, Phili, Detroit, Pitt, Chicago, Minn., Buffalo, Kings, & Co.
    Not the best spatial distribution but a U.S./Can Stanley cup every year!

  4. stets5150 says:

    i like the bills new look, but something that caught my eye is look at the current players wearing number 11. the numbers appear to be white with red outline, but now look at the retired players. especially steve tasker and jim kelly on each end, and their jerseys have the same in the numbers but with a thick navy outline around the red outline. so why the 2 different looks? are the retired players wearing replicas?

  5. Neonix says:

    The problem with North-South Division is the time zones. It’ bad for TV ratings. When the Habs play in Vancouver, the game is at 10:30 PM which is late for a lot of people. At the opposite, when Vancouver play in Montreal, the game starts at 5:30 PM which is too early because most people aren’t home from work yet. Plus add a major increase in travel costs. It’s basically a very bad marketing strategy. That’s mainly why the Detroit Red Wings have been asking to move in the East for many years…

  6. Aaron says:

    1> Love the Bills new uniforms. Nothing against the navy uniforms, but after a while change isn’t so bad. In fact, maybe they’ll play better.

    2> For re-alignment, Columbus swapping conferences with Winnipeg makes more sense considering where they are. I know Detroit’s been wanting the move for a while, but then it would screw up the Hawks/Wings rivalry. Here’s what is also likely to happen…

    Minnesota Western Conference (Central Division)
    Winnipeg Western Conference (Northwest Division)
    Dallas Western Conference (Northwest Division)
    Portland and Seattle (Coyotes and possible expansion) WC (Pacific Division)
    Columbus Eastern Conference (Southeast)
    Quebec Eastern Conference (Northeast)

    I could possibly see Nashville going to the Eastern Conference’s Southeast Division if the Florida Panthers end up moving out west down the road to cities like Portland, Seattle, Milwaukee, Houston or Kansas City.

  7. Jeason Gagnon says:

    want to save hockey in the south? Make south and north conferences. South will make it to the cup every year. keep the divisions how they are except the jets going to a different division.

  8. Piloter says:

    Winnipeg Jets should move to the Northwest.

    Anaheim Ducks are missing from 2009-2011 on the Sportslogos.net NHL logos by year page.

  9. Stevie says:

    This is what I think 2 divisions
    Confrence1-Wiipeg,Vancouver,Edmonton,Calgary,Tor,Ott,Mon,bec,Hamilton,Regina,Buffalo,and Minnesota
    U.S. Confrence-Detroit,Chicago,NYR,Pittsburg,Philly,Boston,Colorado,Washington,St.Louis,Nahville,LA,San Jose or Carolina,and New Jersey

  10. Stevie says:

    Sorry i messed up on confrence 1 or canidian confrence it is supposed to say Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, Quebec, Regina , & Hamilton. plus all expansion teams pick players from the teams that got terminated like (Florida,TB,Dallas,NYI,Columbus,ANA,and PHX

  11. Stevie says:

    Sorry i messed up on confrence 1 or canidian confrence it is supposed to say Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, Quebec, Regina ,Hamilton,Buffalo,& Minnesota. Plus all expansion teams pick players from the teams that got terminated like (Florida,TB,Dallas,NYI,Columbus,ANA,CAR/SJ,&

  12. Stevie says:

    U.S. Confrence-Detroit,Chicago,NYR,Pittsburg,Philly,Boston,Colorado,Washington,St.Louis,Nahville,LA,San Jose or Carolina,and New Jersey
    Canadian Confrence-
    Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, Winnipeg, Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, Quebec, Regina ,Hamilton,Buffalo,& Minnesota. Plus all expansion teams pick players from the teams that got terminated like (Florida,TB,Dallas,NYI,Columbus,ANA,CAR/SJ,&
    6 teams from each confrence make the playoffs

  13. Stevie says:

    The Bills new uniforms are sharp they look clean,crisp,new,and refreshing.I love how they went back to the royal blue jersey and white helmets.The best part of the jersey is that they have the Bills script under the front collar and they have the charging buffalo logo under the back collar.This shows pride and dignity in their team by showing everybody who they are and who they are going to be!I Love It! Lets Go Buffalo! 🙂

  14. Aaron says:

    7 to 8 teams per division? Not necessary.

  15. jeason gagnon says:

    Ok if there’s a north and south conference there will be a north and south team represented in the stanley cup finals every year. Of course northern teams will mostly win.

    But star players will come to the stars, panthers, lightning, hurricanes, to play. Divisions are perfect how they are, the rivalry are good within them. Washington could be a power house in the south vs lightning for now. But later on you’ll see panthers take on coyotes or stars with high level players.

    I’m Canadian and proud, Canada is due for one more team but we need hockey in the south! Nashville should hinting the south east since they love being told their in the south. Jets take the preds spot in the central.

  16. Blake says:

    Here should be the new NHL realignment for 2012
    Pacific Division: Anaheim, Calgary, Edmonton, Los Angeles, Phoenix, San Jose, Vancouver

    Midwest Division: Chicago, Colorado, Dallas, Minnesota, Nashville, St Louis, Winnipeg

    Central Division: Buffalo, Carolina, Columbus, Detroit, Montreal, Ottawa, Pittsburgh, Toronto

    Atlantic Division: Boston, Florida, New Jersey, NY Islanders, NY Rangers, Philadelphia, Tampa Bay, Washington

  17. roquetman says:

    first question? Where is the Juice he wasn’t invited? Oh wait… 2nd question why are they all wearing Drew Bledsoe jerseys?

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  19. AceHawk447 says:

    @Blake I’d switch Carolina with Boston. [As a result, Northeast Division adds Detroit, Columbus, Pittsburgh; Atlantic adds Carolina, Florida, Tampa Bay, Washington.]

  20. Olivier Smith says:

    All of you are thinking too much. Just send Nashville to the Southeast and Winnipeg in the Central. That was hard.

  21. Aaron says:

    Here’s a thought…

    If the NHL were smart, renaming the conferences back to the Wales and Campbell Conferences would be a grand slam. That way, Detroit could stay in the same division as Chicago without hesitation. Columbus would likely swap with Winnipeg. Keep the current division names though.

  22. Aaron says:

    Oh wait, if the conferences were renamed back to Wales and Campbell, it probably wouldn’t matter which team swaps with Winnipeg, whether it be Nashville or Columbus. Either team wouldn’t be such a bad idea for geographic reasons. However, I would still like to see Winnipeg in the Northwest Division to join Canadian rivals Calgary and Edmonton, and Minnesota transfer to the Central Division to join midwestern rivals Chicago and St. Louis. If it’s Nashville to the Southeast division, southern U.S. rivals, Carolina, Florida and Tampa Bay.

  23. Aaron says:

    I heard the Florida Panthers have started AHL and CHL affiliates with San Antonio and Rio Grande Valley respectively. Knowing that they’re affiliated with two Texas teams, can you say Houston Panthers in the future? Just a thought.

  24. Aaron says:

    Not that I want them relocate. It just seems like a pre-cursor to relocation if 2 out of 3 the Panthers’ minor league affiliates are in the state of Texas. I could be wrong.

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