Vancouver Canucks 2011 Stanley Cup Merchandise

Congratulations to the Boston Bruins, a Game 7 victory on the road, not to mention coming back from a 3 games to 2 deficit is mighty impressive – they truly deserve the title of 2011 Stanley Cup Champions.  In case you wanted to pick up some Boston Bruins championship merchandise, you can do so right here – it’s a good looking set.

Had tonight gone the opposite way we’d be celebrating a Vancouver Canucks victory tonight and we’d be seeing the merchandise below on the players in the championship locker room:

And of course Canucks fans would have been able to relive the memories of their championship with the Vancouver Canucks 2011 Stanley Cup Champions DVD set:

And as always you can see our “Phantom Champions” merchandise collection from the 2009 World Series right up through tonight’s Stanley Cup on our Facebook fan page here.

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One Response to Vancouver Canucks 2011 Stanley Cup Merchandise

  1. Ragin' Ronic says:

    And this loss for Vancouver sealed their fate…the franchise will be shut down by Gary Bettman in 2017.

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