New Buffalo Bills Helmet

UPDATE: Jun 15/11 – 11:47 PM Our humble apologies, but unfortunately “Anonymous Source” asked me to remove the photo, guess he got in trouble for it — because he was such a valuable source I will honour his request — for those who missed it the helmet was what we all expected it to look like; white with grey facemask and blue leaping buffalo logo on the sides.  The new bit of news was the striping pattern which included two extremely thin navy blue lines on either side of the red and royal blue lines.  Original post without photo below…

That good old friend of mine “Anonymous Source” sent in this photo of a replica Buffalo Bills helmet ready to go on sale for June 24th, the date the new Bills uniforms are unveiled.

This just further confirms the previous leaked designs we have seen of the new uniform, however this is the first actual photo we’ve seen and because of that we can now see there is a thin navy blue stripe on either side of the royal blue stripes up the middle of the helmet.

Looking good Buffalo!

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7 Responses to New Buffalo Bills Helmet

  1. Chris M says:

    This matches the email invitation to the uniform event, which was a teaser of the helmet stripe.

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  4. Steve R. says:

    This was ran on BleacherReport last November. It’s a Nike prototype of all 32 teams for 2012.

  5. Tom L says:

    Those Nike mockups are not real. Some are pretty cool, some are terrible, but none is legit. Just because Nike is making the NFL uniforms in 2012 does not mean they get to redesign the uniforms.

    Can’t wait to see the real new Bills uni’s in a little more than a week! Thanks for giving us a peek.

  6. Brandon R. says:

    The now infamous Nike mockups have been debunked over and over again. They are fake. The guy who made them was imagining what the Nike’s Pro Combat system might look like on NFL teams. It was purely an exercise in imaginative design. He never claimed they were based in reality at all.

  7. James says:

    The best part is, the Nike prototype that Steve posted isnt even close to resembling what this post was about, in fact the picture above had a gray face mask and completely different stripes than the Nike prototype.

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