Miami Heat 2011 NBA Championship Merchandise

The Dallas Mavericks are the NBA champions! Congrats to the Mavs, but what if the Miami Heat had won the title in 2011? Well, below is the official locker room cap and t-shirt that the NBA would have handed out to LeBron, D-Wade and the rest of the Heat players if that had happened:

This is known as “Phantom Champions” merchandise; items produced in anticipation of an event that never happens. This happens every year in every league and we’ve been collecting images of these for years; you can see our phantom championship merchandise from 2009-2011 on our Facebook page here.

And just for fun, here’s the cover of their championship DVD:

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8 Responses to Miami Heat 2011 NBA Championship Merchandise

  1. jim says:

    in some 3rd world country some kid will think lebronda has multiple rings

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  3. Cedric Baker says:

    Wait, Chris, so they’ve actually made an unfinished documentary?

  4. Luke Pederson says:

    Some of the past phantom champions (clue: pre-2009) are quite worthy indeed and it was a shame that they did not, er, materialize so to speak…

  5. Vince says:

    How do I get one of these shirts? I would pay some good money for one

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