Seahawks looking at changes in 2012

Seattle Seahawks team president Peter McLoughlin commented last week on the Dave Softy Mahler Show that the team has been in talks with Nike about re-designing their uniforms when their contract with Reebok expires after the 2011 NFL season.

Just the uniforms though, the logo seems safe:

Certainly the logo is going to remain the same. When I say design change I mean you know you got a new manufacturer, in Nike, and they’re looking at all kinds of new technology, it’s really amazing all the kinds of stuff they can do. So we’re working with them to see what it’s all going to look like, and we’re really pumped up about it.” – Seattle Seahawks President Peter McLoughlin, May 20, 2011

Wait, rewind that a little bit…

“…Nike, and they’re looking at all kinds of new technology…”

Oh dear…

Any time the words “Nike” and “new technology” are mentioned in reference to a new uniform design it can only lead to trouble.

This will certainly not be a retro look, afterall Nike and their new uniform technology are responsible for the mess just south of the border in Oregon:

And while the new look has grown on people, Nike’s Denver Broncos design overhaul in 1997 still has it’s fair share of critics – even after back-to-back Super Bowl wins in them:

Their controversial re-designs weren’t limited to football, anyone remember those one-season UNC  Tar Heels basketball uniforms?  Yup, Nike:

So for the sake of Seahawks and uniform fans everywhere, lets hope the Seattle marketing team knows the difference between what looks good and what Nike tells them looks good, but afterall, this is the team that trotted out these alternates:



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10 Responses to Seahawks looking at changes in 2012

  1. SUTBComics says:

    Forever lime green. Oh boy.

  2. AlaskaAJ says:

    Chris, that Denver Broncos pic has Reebok logos all over it…

    • To AlaskaAJ: Reebok manufactured the uniforms due to a league-wide contract starting sometime in the early 2000’s which is when that photo was from, the design however was all Nike back in 1997.

  3. AlaskaAJ says:

    Ah, okay. Thanks.

  4. Cedric Baker says:

    Honestly, the UNC one, while far from the best, is not horrible compared to the Ducks, which are simply atrocious; what is with all the little grey spots? Seriously, I don’t get it. And yellow as the primary? Yellow! Epic design fail, thank god Auburn won or that glow in the dark uni would’ve been the uni of the National Champions. Yikes! The Broncos design is fine. That one is simple and classy. Lime green is unique, but I’m still divided as to whether it’s actually good or not.

  5. vychan says:

    Um…the spots were a diamond-plating look. Purely dumb and had nothing to do with Ducks. I am glad they dropped them. They now sport shoulder designs with a tribal wing. Not great but at least it’s bird related.

  6. Brad says:

    I for one like teams that aren’t afraid to try new things. I love the Ducks unis…they are probably the best in the NCAA. Too many critics get after teams for new unis. Thats why we have seen many teams go for a “Neo-Classic” look which in my sense as a graphic designer is playing it safe. Basketball is a great example here, how many teams are going back to red, white & blue color schemes. Sixers, Wizards…they are all going to look the same. The leagues need to step in and make sure no 2 teams have the same color scheme. It gets to the point when I am watching TV at a sports bar I have no idea who is playing unless I can see the name of the team in in score bar. Just like baseball, how many teams wear red or have dark hats…or football where everyone in the AFC seems to think a white helmet is fashionable. Innovation in the sports uniform world is needed and not to be criticized for someone taking a non-traditional approach.

  7. Chris says:

    There are only 5 white helmets in the AFC (and that’s it for the entire NFL). There’s 6 if you count the New England throw-back, but still, You could only count Buffalo as a throw back until this year.

    Clearly a white helmet in Buffalo is better than the old helmet. NE’s throwback is clearly better than the flying elvis. Jets use White, it’s better than the 80’s green one. Chargers switched to a retro-esque white from blue, it’s much better as well.

    Dolphins is a classic, and I feel the Titans would be better offer going with a light blue like they use for their Oiler throwbacks.

  8. Randy says:

    Those green alternates would not have been so bad had they used white pants instead of the dark blue. You need a lighter color to offset the “neon” and make it easier on the eyes. The idea wasn’t bad, just the execution of it.

  9. Ken says:

    @Randy… How is ANY league supposed to make sure no 2 teams have the same color scheme when there’s 30+ teams in each league?! You know there’s so many colors, right??? Red, white and blue seem to be the most popular amongst professional sports. In MLB alone, the Twins, Red Sox, Nationals, Rangers, Cardinals, etc. all use some sort of those colors in combination.

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