4 Responses to Ottawa Senators New Logo Leaked

  1. ross taylor says:

    nice attempt… well it would be if they used the right type face and actually had the colour break from red to black on the shield go beside the A not through it. Bad rip off following instructions. Shame, I thought I was going to see a real release.

  2. ross taylor says:

    not pointing the finger at you Chris, just the person sending it to you.

  3. Curt says:

    Hey Chris and ross, and anyone whos reading this.
    Im actually the one who made this.

    People already know me as the “Go to guy” for photoshopped hockey elements, like my april fools joke of the Kings Alternate turning into a burgerkinglogo jersey next season.

    It was another attempt to cause a little stir…
    But I saw this image on icethetics, and NEEDED to photoshop this.

    Ill probably re-edit the post saying its just a concept so stuff like this doesnt happen again.

    (I did a kings home jersey concept of how the retailer book described though)

    Thanks for your time guys, and sorry.
    -Curt, Shark-tank.tumblr.com

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