Making a big Moostake? It’d be Moose not Jets in ’12

Manitoba Moose in the NHL?

According to a reliable source within True North Sports & Entertainment, SportsLogos.Net has learned if an NHL team is to take the ice in Winnpieg in 2011-12 they will do so, not as the Winnipeg Jets, but as the Manitoba Moose.  They will use the same logo and uniforms as the current AHL franchise.

“True North has spent considerable time and money promoting the Moose brand, switching away from that would be like essentially flushing money down the toilet”, said the anonymous tipster.

There is also the question about acquiring the rights to the Jets name and logo from its current owner (NHL?), who is surely still making a nice buck or two off steady sales of retro Winnipeg Jets merchandise.

The Manitoba Moose would become the second AHL identity to be “called up” to the NHL following the Cleveland Barons in the mid-1970’s.

If all of this were to happen the plan would also see the current AHL club relocated to either Saskatoon, SK or Chilliwack, BC.

We will post more details on this as they become available.

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85 Responses to Making a big Moostake? It’d be Moose not Jets in ’12

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  4. Ernie says:

    I believe the name of this team is very important to the City and citizens of Winnipeg. When the Winnipeg Jets were here Winnipeg had a international reputation. Winnipeg was considered a major player on the international scene. When the Manitoba Moose arrived andfrom that day forward Winnipeg lost it’s idenity. It was no longer a city wih a professional sports team of international recognition. In fact the city was so insignificant that the minor league hockey team didn’t belong to the city but the province. Reminds me of Regina. A city so small and insignificant that there biggest draw, (Saskatchewan Rough Riders) had to be named a Provincial team. This in fact is what we will look like to the other cities of the NHL. A city not big enough to have a NHL team so we have to include the whole dam province. The name Moose is lacking in action,speed and excitement. The name Jets evokes all of those descriptors. If we name the team Moose we look like a Cow Town.

  5. Olavur O says:

    name should be Manitoba Frigidaires … very relevant & would be an instant money sponsor !!!

  6. shaunzyJFL says:

    The team should be called nothing else but the jets. If or when the owners call a name contest you can be sure most will vote for the jets name. I hope the owners are not sold on the moose name because in my opinion its not an NHL name,just ask Minnesota fans about the Wild.

  7. Boston John says:

    Wake up people…….a sweet name would be the Winnipeg Lakers……u do have a real big lake up there right??????picture this the Bruins vs. the Lakers that would be awesome……what ever name gets picked it is good to see hockey back in a city that cares…….good luck & finally BRUINS in 6 PEACE

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  9. Tim Osman says:

    If you saw the rally at Portage and Main on Thursday night, you’d understand that no matter what the team is called, people won’t stop the rally cry of GO JETS GO!!!

  10. nikkij says:

    you have no reliable source, you are wrong… the true north has not stated names or any facts about it, no they will not be the jets but it will not be the moose either, and they are not moving west they are moving east…get your facts straight..if you choose to say you have a source and lie at least make it somewhat truthful,

    • @nikkij – And your source is…? My source works for True North and this is what they’ve been discussing in private; if True North was stating facts or names publicly then this wouldn’t be news or anything special now would it? How you’re able to judge my post and my source as being wrong without any facts, sources or information of your own is ridiculous and an embarrassment to you.

  11. Craig says:

    Manitoba Moose isn’t so Mickey Mouse….the Mighty Ducks of Anaheim, sorry the Anaheim Ducks or Coyotes, Penguins, all sound more bush league too me. If you look at the Penguins logo, it’s very cartoon like. I’m not a huge fan of the name, Manitoba Moose, and believe the new owners shouldn’t go back to the Jets name, if they do, go with a total make over on the logo/jerseys. I do like the names Warriors, Falcons, Rebels…Mosquitoes would be a classic though

  12. sir_steveoh says:

    Moose will be sold off as this would generate many less new sales. The Jets could also be worn out and done with.

    I suggest that regardless of previous advertising by the Moose seen as waste, it should be seen as part of there total worth.

    If history repeats itself, True North will keep the name Thrashers, as they did when they took over the Moose. Plus Thrasher has both name recognition, and not been a logo that’s been sold to too many Manitobans or anyone for that matter.

    I personally like either the Winnipeg Thunder or Falcons if not the Jets.

    Go Thrasher Go & COME JETS COME !!!

  13. Bruno F says:

    DO NOT go with the MOOSE…Big, Big mistake. I am sure that TNSE want to have a successful team! For a successful team you need devoted fans!! In order to have devoted fans you need to know their needs and they want the Jets!!! TNSE is not listening to their fan-base; they are starting from the wrong foot right off the bat!!….Go Jets Go!!

  14. joe zito says:

    I read some of the comments about the moose logo being the way to go…but i think the jets logo is classy. And to the few who said the moose logo was the best branded in the AHL…i beg to differ…The Hershey Bears are the gold standard of the AHL.

  15. James says:

    Do you all remember when the Moose’s goalie Johan Hedberg went to play for Pittsburg Penguins? He still wore his Moose Helmut and the fans from Pittsburg went ape-crap buying Moose merchanise. I love the Manitoba Moose name it’s very Canadian & people will remember it. It’s a hell of a lot better than a duck or a penquin!

  16. james hallow says:

    Winnipeg Grand Chiefs

  17. Dan says:

    What about a fresh look of the old name “Winnipeg Jetz”

  18. Aubrey Gaines says:

    How about:
    Winnipeg Winds (for the windy city)
    Winnipeg Pioneers
    Winnipeg Selkirks

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  21. stephane says:

    le seul moyen de reprendre le nom ,logo ,couleur ,uniforme des jets de winnipeg,si les nouveaux propriétaire le veulent c’est d’aller a phenix négocier ou meme racheter le nom des jets qui apartien au coyote s’y les coyote ne croi pas sen servir.

  22. KGI says:

    It is nice to see another Canadian NHL team but this is not your Winnipeg Jets triumphanly returning to Winnipeg, it is the Atlanta Thrasher moving to Winnipeg. They are the Thrashers NOT the Jets. Jets are long gone, get over it and embrace your new team and put away those moth eaten Jets Jersys. As the new owners own the Moose they may want to use the Moose name but They would be better off creating a new name to sell the new Jersy. I guess we can’t send our developing players to Winnipeg anymore? Go Canucks.

  23. Jeffrey says:

    Why not call them the Winnipeg Stingers? On the player’s jersey is an image of a huge hockey playing mosquito who uses his stinger to stun any players from the other team while en route to scoring a goal. A good logo for this idea would be ‘The Sting is on ‘. Sounds better than the Manitoba Moosekateers.

  24. Jimmy Joe Bob says:

    Wow Chris, your post was from March….and now the AHL franchise is moving to St. John’s as it was just announced today ( June 10, 2011). It’s a funny coincidence that on The National tonight, the host announced that the St. John’s team would be looking for a new name… leads me to believe that the ‘Manitoba Moose’ will be the new team name for the latest addition to the NHL….KUDOS!

  25. Dan says:

    Why do returning teams have to have a name change? Atlanta Thrashers? Minnesota Wild? Im sure the fans in these cities would have preferred the original names. I know True North would have to pay the NHL for the rights (which in itself is ridiculous, its the Winnipeg Jets, not the NHL Jets) but for once, bring the Jets name to the people. Its what they want. The Jets name has way more recognition than any other name, including the Moose, in Manitoba and across Canada. Ok, you want to sell new jerseys? Change the logo a bit, some new colors, done. The fans will be happy; thats important, right?

  26. Dan says:

    I know, Atlanta Thrashers were a bad example, Calgary took the flames name.

  27. Jake says:

    I really hope its not the manitoba moose… that would be an awful idea, they really should come up with a new name like the Falcons

  28. vince says:

    WINNIPEG JETS gets my vote….nothing else works…for example i wont cheer for the following
    -manitoba spirited energy? manitoba mighty men?
    -winnipeg windchill? ice cold?manitoba frost bite?
    -toba tobaginers?winnipeg thunder? (this was a basketball team once i believe…)
    -winnipeg wiseguys?
    -snow flakes? freeze?
    -winnipeg misquitoes? skeeters?
    -manitoba black ice? sub zero?
    -zombies(we’re home to a deadly disease center)
    -manitoba sand baggers? flood fighters? dyke makers?
    -manitoba extreme? (like our weather)
    -manitoba masons? manitoba cankerworms? manitoba misfits?

    • Re: Vince… That’s fine, you and thousands of others could not cheer for them based on a name and then because of that you could also not cheer for them when they become the Kansas City Whatevers in 5 years

  29. moosey says:

    Winnipeg Jets. Keep the blue, red and white colour scheme and maybe add some black and/or gold. Update the logo. Instead of the words Winnipeg and Jets in a circle with a little triangle for a jet,have a jet be 90% of the logo.

    Same name, same colours, updated logo= New Jerseys

  30. Groney says:

    Pretty reliable source you had there. Not only did the Thrashers become the Winnipeg Jets after all, but the Moose moved to St. John’s (not Saskatoon or Chilliwack). I love the internet.

    That said, the Moose logo and colors were actually pretty awesome, and I’m sad that True North went with the Jets just because that’s what the old team was called.

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