22 Responses to Super Bowl XLVI Logo Unveiled, Sneak Peek at Future Bowl Logos

  1. paynomind says:

    Putrid. Terrible. Generic. Uninspired.

    And more to their wallets: it creates zero reason to buy logo’d merchandise, now. Really idiotic decision.

  2. TERRY says:

    Boooring! NFL living up to it’s ‘No Fun League’ moniker.

    I haven’t met one person who like this new direction. Leave it to a Madison Ave. ad agency to try and convince everyone they know what’s best.

  3. treblocj says:

    These same logos every year are a terrible idea. When I went to Super Bowl XL one of the fun things to do was to find as many different items with the XL logo on it as I could. having the same logo every year just makes things generic and does not give an unique identity to games.

  4. Noah says:

    I rarely complain about logos, but this is just utterly boring and uninspired. They’ll drop this concept after a few years, I’m sure of it.

  5. Will Helm says:

    lack of imagination.
    If the Sports are the adult games, the stadiums the playground, the logo is the memory of the moment.

  6. Brian says:

    I hate these with a passion! The unveiling of the Super Bowl logo used to be something worth waiting for, but now… meh. Thanks NFL for screwing up another part of “America’s Game”

  7. anythinglogos says:

    Are they making a unige logo for NY? Sure looks like they are..

  8. Douglas says:

    What are they gonna do for Super Bowl L (50), its not a symmetrical letter/numeral.

    the trophy aspect also makes for a flimsy patch.

    I’d prefer the unique logos, the superbowl like the olympics only needs its name to conjure up images, the first thing I think of when I hear Super Bowl is the trophy, I don’t need to have it in the logo.

  9. Gary says:

    I agree with Brian, NFL has sucked out all the excitement out of the logos, it used to be a blast when they unveiled the new logos for the Super Bowl, now we can already expect the same.

  10. Scott Jacobs says:

    Pitiful. It looked bad on the field, that regional logo is never even used, and it needs some freaking color. Terrible.

  11. anonymous says:

    At least this will be HILARIOUS once we get to super Bowl L.

  12. Billc756 says:

    Meh. It used to be cool to see the unveiling of the SB logos each year. Now the logo has no color, no style, no class. Landor and associates are BORING people!

  13. Brandon says:

    All of us who come to this site are fans of the different logos, so understandably we hate this consistent look.

    I would be curious to hear what people who don’t really care about logos think of this new logo concept by the NFL.

  14. Matt says:

    I’m kinda curious if they use just the “L” for 50, or do they use “XXXXX”, or do they just use “50”??? Kinda wouldn’t fill the space if they just used “L”…?

  15. Jesse says:

    Please visit the Against the Standardizing of the Super Bowl Facebook Page and become a Fan!!!


  16. Keith says:

    WOW.. Are they getting that Lazy..Pure trash.. I think it actually hurts the image .. scrap the ideal guys..

  17. Jacob Stocklin says:

    They are really retarded they have no creation they may as well go on to make the 100th super bowl logo because there’s no point to do other logos if there going to do one logo forever

  18. Stephen says:

    If the Super Bowl logos are going to be the same forever, then i’ll be really ticked off. 45 was a new design and 46 should have a new one. If their getting so lazy that they can’t make new logo’s then their obviously retarded. Their going to ruin the fun of the Super Bowl eventually. We the fans want a different logo every year.

  19. Junior says:

    That a real disappointment! I always loved looking up the next logo for the Super Bowls. Tying in the theme of the city, the specific colors, different font styles, etc. Now it’s just lame. SB 44 was hideous (blocky orange/black), 45 was slick…but didn’t think that was the new “year after year brand logo.” Was actually very curious for what the Super Bowl could look like when it hits the cold North Jersey Meadowlands in 2014. But I guess the same trophy, font..maybe the NYC skyline behind it ?

    They are going the route NHL, NBA has now, and what MLB USED to do through the 80’s 90’s. with the Fall Classic. At least now MLB/World Series changes the logos up each year. Weak on the NFLs part!

  20. Adam Doody says:

    I hate this idea of using the same logo. They get back to doing what they did before. Like instead of having Super Bowl XLVI be gray. Put Lucas Oil Stadium as orange and use Blue for the roman numerals. Next year’s logo Super Bowl XLVII have that have the spade with Green as roman numerals.

  21. radical says:

    As a graphic designer and 3d artist: FAIL
    as a person who doesn’t give a s**** about logos: what logo?

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