Super Bowl XLV: Packers choose to wear green… What are they thinking?!

Super Bowl XLV Matchup

The big day is nearly here, Super Bowl Sunday approaches for the 45th time and let’s be honest, you’d be hard pressed to find a better Super Bowl matchup from a logo and uniform point-of-view.

This year we get the Pittsburgh Steelers looking to win their seventh Super Bowl title up against the Green Bay Packers, who won the first two Super Bowls ever played under coach Vince Lombardi, whom the Super Bowl trophy is now named after.  Two teams which are named after the hard-working industries of their towns — The Acme Meat Packers versus U.S. Steel — a real blue collar championship game. Epic.

Green Bay Packers Home Uniform

The uniform the Green Bay Packers have chosen to wear for Super Bowl XLV

And somewhere in there we have the players, talent and strategy right?  Yeah… C’mon, let’s get to the stuff that we care about — the uniforms and logos involved!

The Green Bay Packers have been designated as the home team and with that honour comes a great advantage that they have apparently chosen to waive.  Having already won each game of these playoffs in their road whites they have decided against wearing what got them here and are going with their soon-to-be-doomed (albeit extremely eye-pleasing) green home jerseys.  This in turn practically hands the title over to the Steelers who get to wear their whites.  The lucky dogs.

Who’s in charge of the Packers?  Have they been watching the Super Bowl the last few years?  They certainly haven’t been participating in them.  Alright, let’s help ’em out here since they seem to be in the dark, literally (get it? literally in the dark?  as in dark uniforms?  alright!)

Super Bowl Winning Team Uniform Worn
XLIV New Orleans Saints White
XLIII Pittsburgh Steelers White
XLII New York Giants White
XLI Indianapolis Colts White
XL Pittsburgh Steelers White
XXXIX New England Patriots White

In case any Packers staff are checking out this blog and still can’t make the correlation I’ll spell it out for them… six consecutive wins by the team in white (or six straight losses for the team in darks). Perhaps the Packers wanted to feel a little more like they were back at Lambeau Field, giving themselves any bit of a home-field advantage, but as history shows…

Good thing I’m going to Vegas this weekend, easy money on the Steelers.

Super Bowl XLV Host City Logo

The Super Bowl XLV Host City Logo, the only changes from year-to-year will be the roman numerals and the stadium

On the logo front, what’s there to say? These teams both have classic logos that have been in use since the early 1960’s, nearly 100 consecutive seasons combined — the Steelers still using the old U.S. Steel logo sent to them from that company in Cleveland, the Packers using the oft-copied oval-G logo (the “G” is for “Greatness”, so they say).

For those who were unaware, this marks the first year the NFL is going with their standardized Super Bowl logo in which the only difference from year-to-year will be the roman numerals changing and the “Host City Logo” will get a different team stadium in the background.  I doubt I’m alone in being terribly disappointed in this decision by the league, one of the fun things to look forward to every Super Bowl was seeing what the next Super Bowl logo would look like — all the excitement of that moment is gone!  Hopefully this is something they’ll end up changing their mind on but I’m sure we’ll at least have Super Bowl XLVI looking the same as this one… Enjoy the game everyone!

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9 Responses to Super Bowl XLV: Packers choose to wear green… What are they thinking?!

  1. NeokyCopnop says:

    Great blog, amazing article. Sure you check here again and tell about it to friends Thank you! “Music is a safe kind of high.” – Jimi Hendrix

  2. Brian says:

    Love the blog, and you’ll hopefully be able to go more in-depth with some of the logos, so look forward to more posts! That said, as a Steeler fan, I like the Packers decision, and hope that the Steelers can be #7! As for the logo, a horrible decision by the NFL, and I agree that the Super Bowl logo unveiling used to be something to look forward to, sad the NFL had to screw that up too!

  3. anonymous says:

    What’s even more mind-boggling is that the NFL apparently thinks there should be SEPARATE logos to be used by the home city and by everyone else. We want FULL CONSISTENCY!!!

  4. Henry says:

    Soon to be doomed green jerseys . . . please explain and let’s hope that they do not get rid of them

  5. @Henry: Soon to be doomed because they’re destined to lose the game in them

    Thanks Neoky and Brian!

  6. sparky chewbarky says:

    Good advice on the white.
    You wonder if some of these iconic logos from the past would even make it past the first pitch if the teams were looking for a new logo today.
    It seems that current logos are too busy and overworked (although that new Lightning logo is pretty basic).

  7. Dan Stromme says:

    FYI – The last time the Packers were in the Super Bowl they wore white. It was their only Super Bowl loss. They are undefeated wearing home greens.

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